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Recognising the need to provide the highest levels of quality,

Founded in 1988, Hard chrome India is recognised as an industry leader in surface technology and heat treatment.

Since 1988, we have been working hard to offer intelligent surface finishing solutions to our customers. We’re a Ludhiana leader in hard chrome plating and are continuously improving our process. Today, we have some of the most advanced plating processes on the market and are proud to be the first choice for customers across the State.

What to Consider and How to Choose

When it comes time to choose between hard chrome and electroless nickel plating, you might be faced with a difficult decision. Both are useful, but the right option for you depends on how you plan to use the plated component..

Why Choose Hard Chrome?

Once you’ve analyzed your needs for your plated component, you can determine whether hard chrome plating is the right choice for you. It has the following attributes:
Superior Hardness: If you need your plating to be exceptionally hard and durable, go with hard chrome. For components that face the potential for a lot of wear, hard chrome is the best choice for a component that will function well even in harsh conditions and last for a long time.
Lower Coefficient of Friction: If the component you are plating is a moving part, opt for hard chrome. It has a low coefficient of friction, which means it’s easier for things to move along it. It also retains oil well, which improves performance.
Conductivity: If you’re looking for the more conductive of the two, the winner is hard chrome. While it can conduct electricity, it is, of course, not nearly as conductive as metals like copper and gold.

Why Choose Electroless Nickel?

Hard chrome is a versatile and highly-functional plating material. In some situations, however, electroless nickel would be the better choice. Here’s when you should go for electroless nickel:
Exceptional Corrosion Resistance: If corrosion is a major concern of yours, electroless nickel should be your go-to plating material. The uniformity and smoothness of the plating leaves no room for moisture and other elements to get through, protecting your component, helping it to work better and last longer.
Uniformity: Electroless nickel’s uniformity enhances its corrosion resistance and also makes it perfect for coating irregularly-shaped items. If the component has a lot of rough surfaces, holes and other hard-to-cover areas, reach for this material to make sure every inch of your equipment gets protection.


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